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Angie's List: Inspect Your Home Inspector

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If you're planning to buy a home you'll also need a good home inspector, but how do you know a good one from a bad one, and what do you do if your inspector misses the mold growing in the basement or the hole in the drywall in the upstairs closet? 

Today's Angie's List suggests you focus on getting a good home inspector.

Smart home buyers know they need a good inspection before they sign off on a new home. You'll end up with a detailed report, but Angie urges you to see things for yourself. Even if your inspector does a good job, some things can get overlooked. Especially if the house is still occupied and certain places are hard to access.

Angie Hicks, the Founder of Angie's List said, ""One of the most important things for a new homeowner is to make sure you attend the inspection. A lot of times people think, oh, they'll just check everything, but it's a great time to learn about your house, ask questions and really get to know your new house."

Most states require inspectors to be licensed. Angie's List recommends finding one who is not only licensed, but also certified by one of the national agencies.

And another tip: line up your inspector as soon as you start looking at homes so you don't have to rush the inspection.

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