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Angie's List: Radiant Heat Floor System

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If you're tired of feeling a cold floor on your bare feet... A radiant heat floor system could be your answer. There are two kinds of systems: hydronic and electric. A hydronic system is usually designed to heat an entire house and installed during construction. An electric system is more typical in a bathroom or kitchen remodels as an additional heat source. If you replace the floor make sure your flooring and heating system professionals are working together to ensure compatibility. 

Angie Hicks, The Founder of Angie's List said, "A radiant floor can be a great addition because it's efficient, it's quiet and it provides that nice touch of blanket of heat, but it is expensive to install." She added, "If you're going to be adding it to a remodel, you're going to need to access that by either installing it from the basement or you're going to have to replace the floor itself."

An electric radiant heat system should cost about seven to ten dollars per square foot and it will also add to your monthly bill. A hydronic system can cost twice as much to install, but can save you about 20 percent in annual energy costs compared to a traditional forced air system.

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