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Friends try to rent out igloo


NEW YORK (CNN) -- Some people built an igloo during this weekend's blizzard and advertised it as a "boutique winter igloo for two" on Airbnb.

But it wasn't up there for long!

The igloo has everything you need to get through a cold Brooklyn night.

"Got some nice animal print blanket got a couple candles," says Patrick Horton.

It's all thanks to some intense handiwork of three Greenpoint residents.

They did some research on YouTube on how to build the igloo.

"Which didn't help because they're all in foreign languages," Horton said.

And 6-8 hours later, their igloo was complete.

The next obvious step -- list it on Airbnb.

"This is new york people have done crazier things with their money so we didn't think $200 to stay in a giant ice cave was not an out of the question thing," Horton said.

The offers started coming in, but then Airbnb stepped in saying the dwelling didn't meet occupancy standards.

"Airbnb broke our hearts, they took it down," Horton said.

So instead they use the igloo to attract the ladies.

"They're definitely fans, they get pretty giddy as soon as they get inside and see how luxurious and romancing it is inside. I think the candles are a nice touch," Horton said.

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