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NEW: 16th arrest made in major meth trafficking operation

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A woman wanted in a major meth trafficking operation with alleged ties to the Mexican cartel is now in La Crosse County Jail.

Investigator Tom Johnson tells News 19 that 25-year-old Kojoua Vu is wanted in connection with a meth trafficking group that brought large quantities of the drug from the Twin Cities to get distributed to a five county area surrounding La Crosse.  

A year long investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies leads to felony drug conspiracy charges against 17 people in La Crosse County.

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The investigation began in 2014 when authorities saw a more than 300 percent increase in jailings for meth related cases. 

Law enforcement officials said that the drugs weren't the normal "shake and bake" meth they had usually seen. What they were finding was a high-grade form of the drug. This form of meth was much more dangerous because of its potency and highly addictive capabilities.

Their investigation revealed that the drugs were likely made in "superlabs" belonging to Mexican drug cartels. The drugs would get smuggled across the border and end up in the Twin Cities. From there, authorities said that 4-5 people from the area would routinely travel to the Twin Cities and get the drug and return to distribute the drug throughout the Coulee Region. In addition to La Crosse County, Jackson, Monroe, Vernon, and Trempealeau counties were involved in the investigation. 

Authorities said that the quality of the drug allowed it to be sold for anywhere from $1,000 to $1,200 per ounce.

Of the 17 individuals wanted in connection with the distribution ring, Adam Vang is the only one who still hasn't been apprehended. 

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