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Trump stays true to form in Eau Claire rally

Eau Claire (WQOW) - -

Donald Trump gave the large crowd at Eau Claire Memorial High School exactly what they were expecting from the Republican presidential front runner Saturday night.

Hundreds packed into the auditorium while many others weren't able to get inside to hear Trump.

Starting right in with his attacks against his opponents, he took a shot at Ted Cruz, whom he called "Lyin' Ted". "What does 'Lyin' Ted' hold up before he lies-a Bible".  Commenting on a new poll that showed him down by one point, Trump stated, "I think we're going to win Wisconsin. I can't believe I'm losing to Cruz."

He criticized President Obama for remarks on Iran breaking elements of their deal with the U.S., he commented, "What the hell did he think would happen." He later said, "How we have this man as president....its embarrassing." 

Later in the speech, he continued attacking the president, "The man is incompetent." He drew a few hoots and applause when he said, "We have stupid people leading our country."

He also took a swipe at Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who has endorsed Ted Cruz for president, for stealing his catch phrase "Make America Great Again". He later was critical of Walker, stating he "hasn't done a great job."

Trump also spoke about defense, calling NATO "obsolete", and promising to grow the military "so big and so good, that no one will mess with us." 

On ISIS: "We have to knock them off fast. We can't play games. We can't allow this to happen." He also talked on his concern over what would happen if ISIS had a weapon of mass destruction that they wouldn't hesitate to use it.

He talked about jobs and the economy throughout his speech. "I'm going to bring our jobs back. I'm not going to let our companies leave."  Using the example of Carrier air conditioners, Trump said as president he'd call the company and tell them they'd have to pay a 35% tax on each unit coming back into the country as a way to provide an incentive to keep worker jobs in the nation.

As Trump finished his 80-minute speech, he asked people to get out and vote. "If we win Wisconsin, I think this is over," referring to the chase for delegates to the Republican nomination. "I want Wisconsin to win this for me."

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