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Community outrage over vandalism to white picket fence

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

If you walk or drive along State Street between 9th and 10th it's hard to miss: A white picket fence missing multiple slats.

Karry Aubry is so upset about it she posted something to Facebook and got over 800 shares. 

"There's a back story that people never knew. It was a memorial to a young girl who died at a very young age four years old and her family, her grandparents had put up this memorial to see people do this just bothered me so much so I thought I gotta do something," said Aubry.

Kathy Frise works at Premier Fitness & Wellness and says Karry isn't the only one who is disgusted with the vandalism.

"It's bothered a lot of people. Members at Premier see it everyday. It comes up everyday in the gym. The retired folks that work out in the morning are saddened by it," said Frise.  

Rick Staff works for Gerrard Hoeschler and says the destruction of the fence is actually hurting people.

"We host Francis Home families here. We support Catholic Charities programming in the building and the simple fact is every dollar we put into the fence it takes away from our charitable work. It takes homes away from families it takes furniture food from other people and there's a real cost to it.  It's not just an aesthetic cost. It's a real practical cost," said Staff.

Thomas Brown is a student at Western and says he has seen the vandalism first hand.

"This is the main route from downtown to the college. You know what I mean. Everybody's drunk coming to and from this area so you know some people might fall into it and try to catch themselves or rip it down not really caring about it or they might just rip it down cause it's funny they think," said Brown.

Those involved in the cause to stop the vandalism say there is nothing funny about it and hope who ever is doing it stops.

"Maybe just maybe it will resonate with some kids when their all walking home from after bar and somebody starts to kick out the fence somebody will step up and say hey guys I heard what this is all about," said Frise.

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