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"Coast2Coast" reminds students at Misty's Dance Unlimited to never give up

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La Crosse, Wisconsin (WXOW) ---- Louie Perez is leaving in his New York dance studio to share a simple but powerful message with young dancers around the country.

Anna Rautiola is a student at "Misty's Dance Unlimited" and says she not only appreciates the message she gets it.  "You'll always experience bumps in the road but you'll always have to keep fighting for it. You do what you love," said Rautiola.

Perez is touring the country with Jimmy Lyles and Ryan Dutcher...two professionals sharing the same message.

"We give three examples of how we made it in our lives and we try to teach those kids whether it's dance but if you want to be a nurse, a firefighter, a doctor
or even a DJ you can do whatever you want  to do as long as you set your mind to it," said Lyles.

The students participate in a Master Class, receiving one hour of instruction and then perform what they learned that evening.  Participation in the Master Class makes them eligible for a dance scholarship.

"This is just another way to pay it forward to the world and say thank you for the success we've had.  I mean they are the youth of America.  Who wouldn't want to  show them that they can be as successful as three normal individuals," said Ryan Dutcher.

Perserverance, passion and positivity are also part of the dance lesson.
Perez reminds students that dancing is powerful....and compares it to magic.

"It's the only place in the world where you can take your audience ...you can take them away for two hours of their life and you can bring
them into yours," said Perez.

Coast2Coast heads to Minnesota next making their way to Los Angeles over a two week period.  Scholarships are announced Saturday, July 30th. 

For more information go to www.coast2coastdance.org.

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