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Cold temps devastate Elmaro Vineyard crops

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Cold temps over the weekend significantly damaged crops at Elmaro Vineyard in Trempealeau.

Co-owner Cameron Delaney said the frost devastated anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of their buds. Temperatures got down to about 26 degrees Sunday night. 

Delaney said there is a chance the vines may produce more buds, but they will not produce nearly as much fruit.

"It means we either have to get more creative with the types of wines we make, whether it be different fruits or we can look at getting grapes from different areas as well," he said. 

Now the vineyard is trying to figure out it's next move. 

"We do work with a number of local growers. We're contacting them, seeing what kind of damage they had, what percentage, which a lot of them are in similar situations between that 70 to 90 percent damage," Delaney said. 

When low temperatures are expected, Elmaro does take precaution. If temps get down to 30 degree they can use cold air drains to help keep the air moving. But if it gets down to the 20s, there's nothing they can do to protect the crop.
Delaney said the the loss will set the vineyard back quite a bit.

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