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Pigeon 'birth control' prevents overpopulation

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Downtown La Crosse business owners have come up with a unique plan to reduce pigeon overpopulation in the city. 

If you walk downtown you are sure to see pigeon droppings on sidewalks, awnings, even park benches. Member of the Downtown Mainstreet Board say they may have finally come up with a plan to out smart these birds: Pigeon birth control.

A contraceptive feed called OvoControl is dispensed through feeding station atop downtown businesses. 

"Using a pigeon birth control product has been the most successful," Wayne Oliver a Downtown Main Street Board Member said.

"It's approved by the humane society and it just makes sense. If you're not reproducing, then eventually the population goes away," he added. 

Local business owners say they are in favor of the new method.

"I support any method that can get rid of the pigeons," Maria Norberg, owner of Apothik Food Truck and Grounded Specialty Coffee said. "We have seen it increase in the pigeon traffic on our roof top...and it really is a problem. Nobody enjoys being outside and having pigeons fly overhead," she said. 

Funding for the feed came from a city beautification grant Downtown Main Street, Inc. received. This is a part of their mission to clean up downtown. 

"Everybody wants to have clean sidewalks," Robin Moses with Downtown Mainstreet Inc. said, "If we can look at initiatives and opportunities to reduce their population, then it will become less of a problem and it just creates a cleaner downtown."

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