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Angie's List: Millennials and Home Improvement

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The millennial generation is often marginalized with a reputation of being irresponsible and feeling entitled, but a recent Angie's List survey says that's not the case when it comes to home ownership.

“With millennials becoming the next wave of homeowners, we decided to do a little research to see how they’re going to behave as homeowners, and interestingly enough, they’re just as proactive and responsible as other generations," Angie's List founder, Angie Hicks said. 

To be considered a millennial, a person must be born in the early 1980's to the late 1990's. Angie's List found that of the nearly 5,000 members and service providers polled, millennials plan to spend as much or more on home improvements this year than any other age group.

One such example of responsible, millennial homeowners is the Waggoner family. Both 31, Matt and Erica Waggoner just moved into a 100 year-old home they originally saw as too small, but got excited about after a designer showed them what could be done.

“We basically ended up adding on a thousand square feet to the house – fully gutted, almost down to the studs,” Matt said. 

They didn’t just add space. They also remodeled what was there – redoing the kitchen, adding a master bath and putting on an upstairs patio they love. Many of their ideas were found in a typically millennial fashion.

“There’s just so many online resources that can help you with inspiration, so I think that’s a big thing,” Erica added. 

What seems to drive many millennials through home improvement is the cost. 

“Millenials are certainly cost-conscious as well as first-time homeowners and we’re seeing about half of them tackling D-I-Y projects, and that’s a much higher percent than we see with Gen X or Baby Boomers,” Hicks said. 

Angie's List also found that although millennials are responsible homeowners, they still love the approval of their elders, like Matt received from his 92 year-old grandfather.

“He said I’m so proud that you’re so proud that you made this a home.”

One other revealing, but unsurprising conclusion from the survey: millennials are more likely than other groups to incorporate smart technology into their homes.

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