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Logan High School students create a autonomous vehicle

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

For six months, the Digital Electronic class at Logan High School has been creating a solar powered car.

The autonomous vehicle is controlled through a remote transmitter and navigates by using a live view stream with a Go Pro.

Students are working together to finish wiring the GPS system in the car. This will allow them to control the vehicle through a computer or Android phone.

Senior, Clare Simpson said that this project brought the class because of their group cohesion. 

"This project really brought us together as a team and even though it seems like technology is complicated but we did this in parts, and if each person does their small part, it can come together like our car did." Simpson said.

By working on the autonomous car, Simpson said it has open doors for opportunities when she heads off to college.

"At this point I plan to go into computer science and interactive technology and it was an idea that I had like I wasn't quite sure but working on this project like I know it's something I'd like to do." Simpson added.

Although the autonomous car was a class project, the students worked on the car after school to work on building and wiring the car.

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