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La Crosse Promise now offering adult scholarships

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The La Crosse Promise is expanding its Neighborhood Program by now offering scholarships to adults. 

The program launched in September with the goal to revitalize La Crosse neighborhoods and help La Crosse families pursue higher education for their children. 

When a family builds or renovates a La Crosse Promise home, each child gets $25,000, up to $50,000 per family for college. But now the program is looking at giving adults a chance to get a degree.

Executive Director Jerilyn Dinsmoor said after the program launched, she began getting inquiries from families. Some were young couples without children, others wanted to go back to school to further their careers. Since the whole goal of the Promise Program is to bring educated-minded people into La Crosse neighborhoods, Dinsmoor said there was no reason why the scholarship money couldn't go to an adult. 

"You know, a lot of people go back to school and re-tool. They may have gotten a degree in one thing and realized it wasn't their cup of tea or the job market wasn't there. Maybe they want to go into healthcare or nursing. So they are able to take advantage of this program too," she said. 

"Most of the same rules apply. A person building a home gets up to $50,000 that they can use. No more than $25,000 goes to any one student but the money can be divided up among the family as they see fit," Dinsmoor added.

The major difference between an adult and child scholarship is that adults are able to use the money to go back to school part-time. 
Dinsmoor said La Crosse Promise realizes many adults have busy schedules and full time jobs and are unable to go back to school full-time. This money will allow them to be flexible and even pursue online programs, if need be. 

Dinsmoor said she hopes this will help to attract more families to the La Crosse Promise Program. 

On Monday La Crosse Promise approved another family that will complete an extensive renovation of a home in the Washburn Neighborhood. This is the fourth La Crosse Promise home currently underway.

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