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Neighbor recounts performing CPR on stabbing victim

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La Crescent, MN (WXOW) -

The stabbing on Juniper Street in La Crescent on Tuesday rattled many in the community, perhaps none more than Lisa Von Arx.

Von Arx, who lives on Willow Street, said she was inside her house when she heard a blood curdling scream coming from outside.

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"I went over and I saw a man pacing back and forth and the car sitting there and the mom holding the child and she was screaming," she said.

Von Arx said her initial thought was the man pacing around had hit the woman in his car and was pacing around because he was distraught. But soon, she noticed the child in the woman's arms appeared lifeless.

"Her lips were blue and she had lost a lot of the color in her skin, so we took her over to the grass to see if she was breathing and she wasn't," she said.

Von Arx is a teacher and is certified in CPR. Although she's never had to use it, she said her training immediately kicked into action.

"I knew we needed to get oxygen in her lungs, so I did four compressions and two rescue breaths and that's when I heard this faint sound of gurgling and I knew she had some air flowing."

She said after a couple of minutes, the child's breathing became regular and she began to talk, telling neighbors she was 3 years old.

"Once the EMT's arrived on scene, I told them exactly what I had done and let them take over," she said.

While she admits she had trouble sleeping that night, Von Arx said she's grateful the child appeared to be okay.

"It's going to haunt me for a while but just seeing that child and being able to bring those sounds back, I'm really grateful," she said.

La Crescent Police have not released any details on the current condition of any of the victims involved. The department did confirm to News 19 an arrest warrant has been issued for the 27-year-old La Crosse man involved.

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