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Everyone Has a Story: Donna Murphy teaches kids cycle of life at farm camp

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There's a heightened sense of curiosity among the kids on the first day of farm camp.

Donna Murphy says she wouldn't have it any other way. "I like creativity, imagination. I like outside the box. That's what you get with kids," said Murphy.

20 years ago Donna and her partner Cindy bought a piece of land in Onalaska with no intention of starting Rainbow Ridge Farms.

"I never planned to farm. It was not in the schedule. We were gonna be innkeepers, maybe adopt a senior horse or two. Well, God had other plans," said Murphy.

Those plans included teaching kids about animals and their care and responsibility.

"These guys get milked twice a day, they get their hooves trimmed every other week.  If it doesn't get done and you tell me you do, I call you at home and have your parents bring you back until your chores are done," said Murphy.

Donna says one major issue among the younger generation is that they don't know where their food comes from. "It's the whole cycle of life. They are here for the birth, they are here for the delivery. It's educational. It's reaffirming of life," said Murphy.

The former teacher believes she is fulfilling God's plan for her by helping kids be all they can be. "That is the point of human existence, isn't it, to make a difference. If you can't help someone, what's the point? I don't need the little green pieces of paper. I want to make someone's life better," said Murphy.

Family Night is every Thursday throughout the summer.

Rainbow Ridge Farms also offers tours and is a bed & breakfast.

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