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The Frog Chorus visits the La Crosse Southside Library

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There was a fun event for kids at La Crosse's Southside Library.  David Stokes brought his program, The Frog Chorus Nature Education, to the library.

Stokes talked to over 250 kids about wild animals in their natural habitat.  The program is teaching kids about animals that live around them.  Stokes talked about frogs, turtles, fish and many other animals.  

"You know, a lot of the time they just want to see the animals, and it's more than the animals, it's learning, it's thinking about what they are, because you can't always see animals but you can always learn about nature," said Stokes.

One boy in attendance talked about his favorite part of the event.

"My favorite part is when we were at the end everyone was caring the frog when everyone didn't want to hold it, so everyone  was like, can you hold it while I, while she's touching it," said Leo, a 9 year-old at the event.

The kids got to touch and play with some of the animals along with looking at a few hides and turtle shells.

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