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VIEWER REACTION: Campaign fundraising

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Donald Trump's stop in La Crosse on Tuesday comes just four months after he held a rally at the La Crosse Center ahead of Wisconsin's April primary.

This week's trip is different though, as he'll attend a private fundraising event held by several of the coulee region's elite.

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"Trump himself would probably rather be out doing rallies because that's what his strength is," UWL Political Science Professor Tim Dale, said. "This fundraising thing is not something I think Trump is comfortable with so I think it's more of the campaign taking over the schedule and saying we really need to put some money into this campaign."

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When word got out Trump would not be making a public appearance, some WXOW viewers took to Facebook to express their disapproval.

However, both Clinton and Trump, along with nearly every other political candidate, attend these sorts of events.

"If people are paying to support a candidate because they believe in their positions and their policies, there's nothing ethically wrong with that," Rick Kyte, of Ethics in Leadership at Viterbo University said.

Coming into the month of August, the Clinton campaign reported raising $90. Trump's camp reported $80.

But it's Trump that may be fighting an uphill battle.

"He's been arguing he doesn't need a lot of money to win," Dale said. "He brags he gets free media and he's also proud he was self-financing his campaign so he's been, in a way, discouraging donations just in terms of his candidacy."

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