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Jack the Dog ready for adoption after stabbing incident in June

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La Crescent, MN --- It was the afternoon of June 28th, a day people in one La Crescent neighborhood will never forget.
What at first appeared to be a car accident turned out to be a brutal stabbing. The victims: a woman and her three year old daughter who were both seriously injured but have since recovered. Their attacker is now behind bars. However, there was another victim that we don't hear much about.

Nancy Nelson hasn't seen Jack in almost two months and the last time wasn't pretty. "The right side of his face was pretty bloody." said Nelson.

Jack was one of three victims in the June 28th stabbing in La Crescent, Minnesota .
A 27 year old man stabbed a woman, her three year old daughter and his own dog before turning
the knife on himself.

Five neighbors jumped into action in that quiet neighborhood thinking they were responding to a car accident.
Naturally the victims were screaming but witnesses say Jack was amazingly calm

"He had lost a quite a bit of blood but all through this whole ordeal he never cried, he never whimpered he never snarled or barked anything," said Nelson.

Karla Ronnenberg runs the dog unit at the La Crescent Animal Shelter and says Jack's situation was definitely a first.

"Jack did not do well in the shelter.  Jack was petrified so we knew when we got
Jack that we needed to get him a foster home. And we also knew that it might be difficult because of his breed. Unfortunately
he is judged because of his breed," said Ronnenberg.

Robin Twite stepped up to foster Jack, not worried about his breed.

"He is the biggest baby and sweetheart that I have personally met yet in a dog.  He is scared of my cat. She hisses at him
and he runs away.  There isn't a mean bone in his body.  I couldn't ever picture him being aggressive. I don't think that he could would hurt anything.  The fact that he didn't retaliate when he was in a violent situation says it all," said Twite.

Karla Ronnenberg says Jack's previous owner relinquished ownership in a heartfelt letter.

"I felt bad that he had to release him but he was doing the right thing. I hope he gets the help he needs cause I know he loved Jack," said Ronnenberg. 

"I love him.  That's all i can think of.  I'm just overwhelmed.  It's those moments at the end of the day, on this couch with both of them totally laying on top of me that I couldn't imagine doing anything else or being anywhere else," said Twite.

In an embrace with Jack, Robin says, "You are such a good boy and you are gonna go to someone who loves you so much. Yes.  And you're welcome."

For more information on Jack go to www.lacrescentanimalrescue.com.

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