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Workforce meeting highlights environmental culture

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Workforce Connections hosted a workplace culture breakfast forum on Wednesday at Stoney Creek.

About 115 representatives from local businesses attended the meeting, listening to key note speakers from Organic Valley and LHI present on ways to improve workplace culture.

Ann Boland, Chairman of the Workforce Connections Board said various aspects of culture or one's work environment play a role in retention, recruitment, and quality.

"It's attitude, it's a common belief system, it's really the key success factor for companies. It's building an organization that people want to work for, building an organization that can retain talent, good talent and grow. Because our organizations are all about the people, we are only as good as the people," said Boland.

Workforce Connections aims to connect businesses with people looking to enter the workforce. Taking people with challenging life situations or maybe coming out of correctional facilities and helping them find work that fits their skills.

Jerry McGeorge, Vice President of Cooperative Affairs at Organic Valley was a key note speaker at the event. He said as a leader in a work setting, you want to give employees a sense of purpose.

"I talk about the importance of maintaining a positive workplace culture and this has really been something that Organic Valley has concentrated on for its entire existence and we think this is really important. You hear a lot of businesses talking about people being their number one asset, but you have to walk the talk and really that this idea of creating a positive and productive workforce environment and culture is central to what we do," said McGeorge.

Workforce Connections works closely with the Western Wisconsin Development System, offering skill set training, Veteran's Services, and vocational rehabilitation options.

"In this environment where we have very low employment rates, we try to make these connections and get more people into the workforce," added Boland.

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