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De Soto football players lend a hand

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Ev Wick Ev Wick
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Resilience and heart are qualities that the De Soto football players channel on the field, but they're also characteristics the students apply in the community.

A group of young football players spent their Friday off of school helping their neighbors who suffered extreme damage from the flooding, specifically in Victory.

Victory is five miles north of De Soto and six miles south of Genoa along the Mississippi and Highway 35.

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Head Coach Ev Wick said at practice on Wednesday, they knew their home field was in trouble with how saturated it was. Then, with more rain into the night and throughout Thursday the turf which serves as both a practice and game field was completely washed out.

Nonetheless, the guys spirits remain high and they knew they had to give back to the community in some way.

"It seems like the right thing to do. We can't technically practice because school's not in session so we want to get those guys out and give back a little bit. Those people come watch us on Friday so it's important for us to help them out as well," said Wick.

Ryan Lagerman, a senior football player at De Soto said while it's devastating to not be able to play on their home field for the remainder of the season, what's more important is that people persevere through this difficult time.

"This is a close, tight knit community. I mean we know all these people, we've been friends with them forever. It's only just a matter of helping your friends and family at this point," said Lagerman.

The players met at 2 p.m. and drove down to Victory, where they went door to door asking residents in the area what they could do to help.

Drew Foley, another senior on the team said while he could be at home doing other things, this is where he'd rather be.

"They come to our games, they support us, we need to support them. It's just nice, if you were in their situation, you'd want to be helped too," said Foley.

"We're not just going to win games every Friday night. We're involved with the community and what not. So I think this is just a prime example of what we represent here at De Soto," added Lagerman.

Sheri Torgerson, a resident in Victory who was surprised to come home and find the football players hauling mud out of her basement said it means more than she could ever express in words.

"It means a lot. I used to drive school bus for De Soto for 40 years so it makes a difference. It makes a difference," said Torgerson.

The Pirates away game against Riverdale that was supposed to be played Friday was postponed for Saturday due to road closures.

Next Friday, September 30 is their homecoming. Right now they are talking about the possibility of playing at UW-La Crosse, Logan or Central High Schools, those plans are still in the works.

MORE INFORMATION: De Soto Area School District

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