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69th Alice in Dairyland talks Wisconsin soybean crop

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Fall is underway and that means it's harvest season for farmers. The 69th Alice in Dairyland, Ann O'Leary, joined us on Daybreak to discuss Wisconsin's soybean crop.

Soybeans not only benefit soil, but are a great source of nutrients.  Soybeans are turned into a variety of products in Wisconsin. They are made into soy oil used for cooking, tofu, edamame and soy sauce.

They can also be found in biodiesel and even crayons. Farmers also use them to replenish nitrogen into their fields' soil.

Soybeans are packed with protein, one serving of soy products can contain 7-15 grams of protein. They don't contain cholesterol and are very low in saturated fat so they are heart healthy as well.

Wisconsin exports 65% of our soybeans. Wisconsin's agricultural products are exported to 144 different countries across the world each year.

To learn more visit wisoybean.org for more information.

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