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College GameDay brings extra hype to Madison

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Madison, WI (WXOW) - -

If you talk to fans and sports analysts, they'll say there's nothing like the energy, history, and sea of red that consumes Madison on game day.

ESPN's College GameDay crew began setting up for the show earlier in the week, hauling in their trucks and gear to prepare for Saturday.

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John Getting, a senior at UW-Madison said there hasn't been a game surrounded with this much hype in his time at the university thus far.

"I've had one night game here since I've been here and the feeling is just so different. Everybody knows about jump around, but it lasts the whole game. Everybody's yelling, having a good time, cracking jokes at the other team-it's a great atmosphere," said Getting.

Rece Davis, Host of College GameDay said he couldn't agree more.

"It's one of the most ruckus, football friendly environments you could imagine. I love coming here because people care about the sport," said Davis.

This marks College Game Day's sixth trip to Madison, Wisconsin since the show's inception. So far this season, home teams are 4-0 when Game Day is in town. If you count the Badgers against LSU at Lambeau Field, they're 5-0. So I guess you could say, College GameDay's presence mixed with the atmosphere Madison creates is the perfect recipe for a Badger win.

Kirk Herbstreit has worked as an analyst for ESPN since 1996 and as a former Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback, he said he vividly remembers playing at Camp Randall.

"It was very unusual from any other stadium we ever played in because of how loud it was," said Herbstreit.

He added that student sections set the tone for not only the stadium, but the players as well. "That will be a big challenge for Ohio State to come into this game. How they're able to weather the storm and the energy in the stadium."

George Whitfield, a contributor with ESPN's GameDay said there's a variety of factors that play into the overwhelming environment Camp Randall presents.

"Not just noise, but the crowd here truly feels like they are in the game and they present problems. Right, third down, red zone, and short yardage like they compound your situation on the field with their energy up in the stands," said Whitfield.

"The good people of Wisconsin do enjoy a nice party and nothing quite sets the stage for a party like a big football game," added Davis.

With the capacity to hold more than 80,300 people, Camp Randall is bound to be jumping around and swaying with excitement come kickoff.

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