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Charles Hinders: Jefferson Award Recipient Makes Mobility Carts for the Disabled

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La Crescent, MN (WXOW) -

Charles Hinders is tough stuff. The tall, strong man is a product of his childhood which he describes in one word.

"Poor," said Hinders.

Hinders says he thought he knew hardship growing up on a farm back in the 1940's.

"We take a lot for granted. We can get around, we're mobile.  We can eat a good three meals a day," said Hinders.

 Hinders and his wife, Sandy were in church when they heard about the PET Project, now called Mobility Worldwide, where volunteers make three wheeled carts that help the disabled in poor countries get around.  Hinders was immediately interested.

"He said we can do that in our garage and it just snowballed after that.  We were so proficient with it that the distribution center in Minneapolis said we can't keep up with you,"said Sandy.

Thomas Lyons has been friends with Hinders for 35 years and says the work he does is the epitome of selfless.

"If you volunteer locally you can get immediate feedback but when you're building carts that go halfway around the world you don't know who is receiving them and that takes a different kind of dedication," said Lyons.

Hinders says he is shocked by the amount of people who need the mobility cart. In fact he gets so choked up describing a picture that his wife Sandy has to step in to explain.

"Well, what she is doing is crawling to her cart for the first time. She has waited all of her life for something like that," said Sandy.

Two years ago Hinders built a garage meant to be a man cave but today says it is much more fulfilling.

"He is so dedicated to it that he's out here everyday working on something and there's just no limit when it comes to this project, said Sandy.

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