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92nd Assembly District race preview

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Trempealeau County, WI (WXOW) -

In the 92nd Assembly District, incumbent Chris Danou looks to maintain his eight-year stand against challenger Treig Pronchinske.

The district includes portions of Buffalo, Trempealeau and Jackson counties.

Pronchinske is mayor of Mondovi and says his experience as mayor of a small town will serve him well if he's elected to Madison.

"I've learned how money is spent, learned at times you don't have money for everything, learned there's a lot of input from the public and you need to listen to them and find solutions to the problems they may have," Pronchinske said. "I've also learned you have to work with council to get things done."

Pronchinske said the two main issues he's heard from constituents while campaigning are lack of funding for rural schools and deteriorating rural infrastructure.

He said if population growth is stimulated in smaller rural districts, student enrollment will follow suit.

"We need population growth in this area, we need jobs brought to these areas, and the attitude of keeping up our infrastructure, having good schools, and I think population growth will continue to grow if those things are happening," he said.

He said he's not opposed to raising the gas tax in an effort to create more revenue for rural road work.

"I would support it as long as those extra funds went to street projects, road projects and transportation," he said. "I think that could be a solution."

Rep. Danou says he too hears similar concerns from constituents, adding the first step in alleviating a lack of rural funding is ending the private school voucher program.

"Every dollar that goes into a private voucher school that's unaccountable is a dollar we don't have available to our local schools," Rep. Danou said. "We also need to take a look at the school funding formula. It ought to take into account the income of the local residents not just the property values and we need to recognize there are categorical aid available."

Danou is also not opposed to the gas tax as a way to increase state revenue.

"The more you drive, the more you kick in to our road system," he said. "I think we're going to have to take a comprehensive look at the problem and not be afraid to say we're going to need to raise revenues."

Pronchinske argues Danou has done little to bring solutions to the table in Madison. 

"The people of the 92nd have struggles and if we can't come up with solutions, I'm wondering why he doesn't come up with a lot of solutions to help some of these things," Pronchinske said.

But Danou argues his hands have been tied in a Republican led state government.

"A lot of this has been in the teeth of a Republican led legislature," he said. "My opponent represents the party that's been standing in the way of creating solutions to those concerns."

Rep. Danou ran unopposed in the Democratic primary. Pronchinske defeated Debbie Bork in his primary. 

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