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Mt. La Crosse staff anxiously await cold temperatures

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Darcie Breidel Darcie Breidel
Tom Roesler Tom Roesler

Last year, after an unusually warm start to winter, Mt. La Crosse saw one of their latest starts in years and this season isn't looking good so far.

Darcie Breidel, General Manager at Mt. La Crosse said she's not worried quite yet, as the temperatures continue to fluctuate over the past few weeks.

"Sometimes it warms up, sometimes it cools off, but definitely just really hoping that some cooler temperatures come in to stay for a few days," said Breidel.

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In order to make snow temperatures need to be consistently in the low 20's for several hours and days.

"It's not uncommon to not be open yet, but generally we're making snow by now," expressed Breidel.

Tom Roesler, Mountain Manager at Mt. La Crosse said the proximity to the river and the layout of the Coulee Region plays a major factor in them being able to make snow and keep it on the ground.

"We're so close to the river that the humidity and the temperature of the water is making a big difference for us. We have some really crazy inversion temperatures here, it may be twenty-two degrees at the bottom here and thirty degrees on the ridge," said Roesler.

The snow canons use about 700 gallons of water a minute, with the fans projecting the liquid upward and outward onto the hill.

"It throws the water up in the air and we have a nuclei that comes out, that's a frozen spec of snow, and water molecule and the droplets grab onto that and come down as a pellet of snow," added Roesler.

While staff are a little nervous they said the recently colder temperatures have people calling in, purchasing gift cards, and stocking up on gear; stirring excitement for the slopes.  

For the first time, their St. Bernard Room Bar will be open prior to the slopes. They're hosting a "Where's Winter" gathering on Friday, December 2 from 3 p.m. until 10 p.m.

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