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Artist creates playground from sticky tape

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Ipswich, Queensland, Australia (AP) - -

It's an adventure unlike any other for these young children.

They're sliding through a creative play space made entirely out of 56,000 meters of packing tape, held up by a steel frame.

It's called TapeScape and it's by American artist Eric Lennartson.

For the children, it's providing lots of fun.

"I've been jumping into it," says one young girl.

"Climbing through that hole and then tumbling down", explains a young boy.

For some, it is from another planet.

"I feel like this is what an alien, like, spacecraft would look like", says a young girl.

The TapeScape concept was launched in 2011 in Minnesota and Lennartson has since recreated the installation across the world.

This one has been set up in the Ipswich Art Gallery west of Brisbane - the first in the southern hemisphere

It took a team of volunteers two weeks to put it all together.

Lennartson says the artwork it's all about having fun and enjoying art.

"Kids to adults don't have any idea what to expect. The first few steps in there are really apprehensive and they are sort of like 'ooh take it easy'. But after a while they're jumping and sliding and having a great time."

Lennartson says the type of tape used is very important in keeping the tunnel structure together.

"We wanted to see, some of it gets really thin and stretches until it's skinny before it snaps and other ones break immediately so we have to have just the right tape", explains Eric Lennartson.

Two weeks of hard work for the artist and his team set to deliver hours of fun for the visitors.

The sculpture will be open to the public until the end of February 2017.

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