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Byron family caught in middle of Ft. Lauderdale shooting

BYRON, Minn. (KTTC) -- -

Byron siblings Larry More and Debra Fugleberg were just getting ready to go through security when the chaos erupted.

The two were traveling with 17 others, on their way home from a cruise, back to Minnesota.

After the shots rang out, some of more and Fugleberg's family members ran outside. others were still inside.

The two are in touch with those family members they're separated from.

Those family members are heading back to a motel.

Aside from some of the family getting bumped around in the crowd, they are all safe, but the event still left them shaken.

"I was with my daughter and her husband, my husband and grandson and they got trampled," Debra Fugleber said. "And then we got separated because there are 19 of us and so we each checked in at different times but when the thunder of people came, my daughter had the baby in a pack and she literally got trampled. My husband picked her up and we ran. 

I just want to be home...and to be safe. And I feel bad for the people who lost their lives today and that are injured," Larry More said. "I feel so lucky to live where we live but it can happen anywhere."

The airport is still on lock down but we're told authorities are now rounding up the passengers still inside the airport and are busing them to terminal one where they will talk to flight reps and setup accommodations.

Byron is about five miles west of Rochester.

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