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Decorah Eagles begin nesting season


The Raptor Resource Project has been live streaming the Decorah Eagles, creatively named Mom and Dad, and people have been able to see all the happy moments since 2009.

However 2015 was a rough year for the project.

First the founder, Bob Anderson, fell ill and passed away. Then, the eagles were hit.

"Back in 2015, a micro burst storm actually came and snapped off the tree that the eagles' nest was in," said Executive Director John Howe. "So you know we really got hit with a double whammy, you know, whats going to happen?  Are these eagles going to come back?"

In order to continue with the founder's vision for the eagles, workers decided to go up on the tree and rebuild the eagles' nest. While they were up there, they made some changes

"In that transition we put brand new HD cameras after that nest tree came down," Howe said.

Since then, the eagles have been more than happy with their nest and laid five eggs there.

After Valentine's Day, they will be laying more.

"She's ready to lay an egg pretty much just about any day now," Howe said.

Howe said they may be the most viewed eagles in the world.

The Raptor Resource Project's live stream has received 343 million views and accrued more than 7 million hours of view time.

"You know it's really neat because people that watch them, it like it becomes their eagles," Howe said.

He said the most rewarding part of it all is getting people out there to appreciate nature.

The RRP's main mission is education, so they offer to come into classes and teach folks all about the eagles, a program that they're planning to expand in 2017.

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