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Jefferson Award Winner: Cassie Buehler

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La Crescent, MN (WXOW) -

Cassie Buehler says too many people make excuses why they can't volunteer.

"Doesn't matter you age, your skill set, your interests. The amount of time you can commit. There's a volunteer opportunity out there waiting for you," said Buehler.

Cassie is pretty resourceful even seeking out opportunities to give back.

"And so I found a new mom who was searching for breast milk and I have plenty I guess so I thought what a great gift to give someone else who was in need of it," said Buehler.
A full time nurse and mother to a baby and toddler, Buehler carries two pagers: one from the Fire Department and the other the Red Cross.

"It definitely takes patience, empathy...just putting myself in their shoes and seeing how I would wanted to be treated if I was in that situation," said Buehler.

She keeps a scrap book of all the thank you cards she's received.

"It's just a great impact knowing that the little time you had with them made a big difference," said Buehler.

While Buehler is a kind giving person, she doesn't have much tolerance for those who say they don't have enough time to volunteer.

"I do feel a great responsibility to volunteer in my community and I honestly think we do have time I just think that we have to rearrange the time we have. I think we spend a lot of time on our phones, on social media and watching TV the community would be a better place," said Buehler.

As for what Cassie's next volunteer adventure will be, only time will tell.

"If my bills could get paid I would just volunteer full time but I'll just continue doing what I'm doing," said Buehler.

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