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New details on conversation between Vernon County farmer and Jakubowski

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Vernon County, WI -

New details regarding the nearly hour long conversation between 32-year-old Joseph Jakubowski and Vernon County farmer Jeff Gorn are coming to light.

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Gorn said Jakubowski told him he chose his 150-acre property because it had great vantage points. However, Gorn said Jakubowski would not explain exactly how he got there. On Friday, law enforcement said they located several firearms, but no food at his make-shift camp. 

Gorn said he told him he had been eating grass for several days.

"He asked me if I'd bring him something to eat," Gorn said. "He went into his wallet and pulled out nine dollars and I said, no, I don't really want to get involved. I don't want you here."

The two also talked about Jakubowski's manifesto he sent to President Donald Trump. Gorn is a trained clinical psychologist and said it was clear to him Jakubowski was battling depression. 

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