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Retired State Patrol Major continues service at funeral in a new way

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Sparta, WI (WXOW) -

The visitation for Trooper Anthony Borostowski started at noon on Monday, and those paying respects were treated to a warm welcome from a retired Wisconsin State Patrol Major.

A State Patrol veteran of 27 years, Darren Price started cooking ribs as a hobby while working as a trooper.

"I started barbecuing on the weekends in 2000 as a stress reliever," Price said.

Then, national recognition made it his primary job.

"In 2003, I made it on the Food Network," he said. "And that's when people back here found out what I was doing."

Price owns BP Smokehouse BBQ in Tomah. He was humbled when the Wisconsin Troopers Association asked him to cater Trooper Borostowski's funeral.

"It's an honor. I don't want to do it again," he said. "But in a situation like this, I'm willing to help in any capacity I can."

Price and his staff started preparing an assortment of foods for the event days ago. They prepared a total of 1,200 meals.

"It's fantastic food," said Lieutenant Dan Gruebele with the Wisconsin State Patrol. "It's potato salad. It's coleslaw, pork sandwiches, bratwurst--things like that. It's finger-type food that a typical cop likes to eat."

Price said the tight brotherhood of the State Patrol extends beyond the years in service.

"It's hard to describe unless you've been a part of it," he said. "We all go through the same gauntlet, if you will. We go through the academy, we go through assignments, we work shifts that we'd rather not be out there, but we do it because it's our job. And so, there's just a common bond to that."

He said in tragedies like this, it is more important than ever for law enforcement to stick together.

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