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Jakubowski clashes with court official: "I'm not a slave, man"

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Captured fugitive Joseph Jakubowski clashed with a Rock County court commissioner Monday, as he was charged with three felony charges connected to the burglary of a Janesville gun store.

After being the subject of more than week-long, nationwide manhunt, authorities say Jakubowski was captured Friday on a Vernon County farmer's property, using a tarp for a tent, with several guns, a samurai-type sword, flammable liquids, and a copy of the anti-government manifesto he had sent to President Trump.

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When court commissioner Larry Barton cut short questions from Jakubowski about a charge of possessing burglary tools and said he appeared to understand the charge and its possible penalties, Jakubowski objected.

"I'm not your slave, man,"  Jakubowski blurted out, as he appeared for the court hearing with his attorney from the Rock County jail through video conferencing.  "I'm a free individual,"  Jakubowski continued.  Barton told assistant state public defender David Hart to silence the audio from the video-conference, and consult with Jakubowski, who was more orderly after they conferred.

Hart also said Jakubowski maintains his innocence to the three, felony charges.

Assistant Rock County District Attorney Rich Sullivan says Jakubowski also placed a suspicious-looking device at a Janesville gas station across town from where the gun store was burglarized, in an attempt to distract police.  But Sullivan says a gas station clerk recognized it as a fake bomb and discarded it, and officers were not delayed in responding to the heist of the guns.

Barton set Jakubowski's bail at $30,000.  Jakubowski also faces a federal charge connected to the gun store burglary, and federal prosecutors say an additional charge or charges remain possible.

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