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ABC News Correspondent Hosts Forum at UW La Crosse

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

The term "Fake News" has become a popular phrase in our current political climate.

With the popularity of social media, a false Facebook post can spread around the world in just minutes.

And these false stories can influence public opinion about an issue that could have serious implications.

On Thursday, ABC News Congressional Correspondent Mary Bruce took part in a forum at the UW La Crosse entitled "Media and Politics in the 21st Century."

In her role as Correspondent, Mary has covered topics ranging from the presidential campaign, to the allegations of Russian influence in the election, to the refugee crisis in Europe.

She says those who criticize the media for bias, serve as an important reminder to journalists.

"We are now viewed by a lot of people in this country as the opposition, which means by just doing your job, there's a sense that you have to justify the importance of your job, but I think what it shows is the importance of what we're doing and also the importance of going back and doing what we've always done which is simply playing it straight, saying what's true, saying what's not true, telling both sides of the story," said Bruce.

Mary's reporting is often featured on ABC News platforms including World News Tonight, Good Morning America and Nightline.

Follow her on Twitter at "@marykbruce"

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