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Thank a Teacher Day in La Crosse

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Many of us can think of a teacher who has made a difference in their lives. On Tuesday, teachers in the La Crosse area got some recognition for the impact they have.

Volunteers organized by the La Crosse Public Education Foundation make special deliveries to 15 locations for about 1,000 employees. The event recognizes teachers, assistants, food service staff, custodians, administrative staff, nurses, principles and other staff.

Thank a Teacher Day brought coffee, fruit, donuts and other treats to thousands of staff in the district. The day was organized by the La Crosse Public Education Foundation. Treats were provided thanks to grant support from the La Crosse Community Foundation's Carol and Duane Taebel Family Fund.

Students also volunteered, saying even though they do not always have time to show it, they appreciate their teachers all year round.

Avalon Miller and Emily Secord, both Central High School Students and part of the Rotary Interact Club, said, "not only are they teachers, I've had teachers that have been there for me and when I'm going through a tough time in my social life, they'll be there for me and talk to me and make sure that I'm getting through it."

"Just how involved they are in the classes and how they reach out to us just as regular human beings, I mean it really means a lot."

Maddie Eber and Layna Padesky, also Central High School Students and part of Rotary Interact, said, "if we have a really good teacher for a class I think that kind of leads us to what we wanna be in life and so really good teachers lead us to career options and opportunities in the future. Teachers who are positive and reach out to us and care about our well being not just us as students they make us better people."

David Stoeffler, the Executive Director of the La Crosse Public Education Foundation, said "it's not just a recognition for teachers of course it's also for all the school district staff because everybody makes a connections with the kids in the schools whether it's the custodians the administrative assistants, the administrators and all of that makes a real difference in our community."

Thank a Teacher Day began three years ago. The La Crosse Public Education Foundation said if you wanted to participate you can share your thanks on social media using #thankateacher.

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