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Mother and daughter help new moms at Mayo Clinic Health System

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Sunday is Mother's Day, a day to remember and thank moms for all that they do. One mother-daughter duo at Mayo Clinic Health System spent Mother's Day like many other days, helping new moms together.

Patients at Mayo Clinic Health System know Tish Olson as a Labor, Delivery, and Post-Partum Nurse. Her kids call her mom.

 "I went back to school as a non-traditional student," Tish said. "I had five little kids at home when I went back."

One of those kids, Taylar Olson, watched her mom and followed in her footsteps.

"Of all five of my children, she's the only one," Tish said. "The rest of them are not interested whatsoever."

Olson chose her daughter to pin her when she graduated from nursing school.

"I knew she was interested in the healthcare field and interested in possibly nursing," said Tish. "She was graduating from high school when I was graduating from nursing school, so it just seemed appropriate."

Taylar returned the favor, choosing her mom to pin her.

"When I started nursing school, everyone says it's so hard and awful, and it really is," said Taylar. "I thought about my mom doing it with five kids, and I was just baffled at the fact that I was complaining."

Taylar currently works as a NICU Nurse in the Family Birthplace alongside her mother at Mayo Clinic Health System.

"I kind of have a lot of respect for our NICU moms, because on top of giving birth--which is a huge change--they get thrown into an entirely different scenario not only worrying about their health but their baby's health," Taylar said.

On Mother's Day, both women reflected on motherhood and the moms they work with every day.

"Since I don't have kids of my own, I think everything is crazy," Taylar said. "I can't believe women go through that and don't even bat an eye, because obviously, you get a cute little baby as a result."

"We get paid to witness miracles every day and help moms become moms," said Tish.

Tish said being a mother helps her relate to her patients, giving advice to new mothers. Taylar said her job is preparing her for the 'dos and don'ts' of motherhood in the future.

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