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Fidget Spinners Fad hits schools

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

The fidget spinners are a hit with La Crosse kids but not so much with local schools.  The spinners are a simple and inexpensive plastic, three pronged spinning device.  They are also pretty inexpensive, selling for around $4 each.  However, some local schools have had to tell students and parents to keep them at home and away from the classroom.

"Fidget spinners arrived one day and they just took over.  We quickly applied the same rule to the fidget spinners as we do for all toys.  It's a toy, and we don't allow toys at school.  We have enough things to do already," said Melani Fay, school counselor at Northside Elementary.

Locally the fidget spinner business is going strong.  The are often marketed as a device to help kids with anxiety or ADHD.  According to one La Crosse retail manager, her store has them on consistent back order.  She stated that when a new box does arrive, it usually sells out in under two hours.

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