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Holmen couple faces extensive home damage after storms

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Holmen, WI (WXOW) -

After Wednesday night's storms, homeowners across the Coulee Region are picking up. Heavy rainfall and strong winds caused home and property damage. One couple in Holmen is without a garage roof on Thursday night after the storms.

Susan and John Bicha have lived in Heritage Village for a short time.

"We've only lived here like three weeks," Susan Bicha said.

They were running errands when the storm hit their neighborhood.

"We were on our way to Kohl's," Bicha said. "Then we decided, 'No, maybe we should go back.'"

When they turned down their street, they could not believe what they saw.

"We could see all the stuff in the road, and my husband says, 'What is that stuff?' And I looked, and here it's our roof," Bicha said.

The Bichas spend the winter months living in Texas where that house has survived two hurricanes. They said the damage they received in Holmen during the storm on Wednesday night is worse than any damage the have ever received in Texas.

"It just took the roof off and then part of the front part of our house," Bicha said.

The water leaked into their home as well.

"Then the water would just pour into the entryway of the house and then part way into our living area," said Bicha.

Ledegar Roofing responded to dozens of calls on Thursday morning.

"We have a team that's ready to go out and attack these things if need be," said Isaac Theisen, Residential Operations Manager for Ledegar Roofing.

The Bicha's house was the most extensive damage they worked on.

"I'm guessing they've got a good month of repairs both exterior and interior," Theisen said.

"We'll just go step-by-step," Bicha said. "We'll get the roof part taken care of, and then we'll worry about the hole. One step at a time."

With the extensive damage, the couple is thankful they were not at home when it happened.

"Maybe, God's blessing told us that we should leave, because we would have heard it all, and it would have been much worse," Bicha said. "This way we came home to it, and no one got hurt."

Ledegar Roofing was able to repair the Bicha's home to temporarily withstand the rain while more permanent repairs are arranged.

Theisen encourages homeowners to get a roof inspection and gutter check before storm season picks up to prevent costly damage. He said modular homes found in developments are built differently and pose the risk of sustaining more damage.

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