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On Camera: Strong winds damage Onalaska bar and grill

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Onalaska, WI (WXOW) -

Red Pines Bar and Grill in Onalaska suffered storm damage while some were still inside the building. Thankfully, everyone is safe and Red Pines is quickly picking up the pieces.

Around 5 pm Wednesday, owner Corrina Todd had only stepped out for minutes when she received a call from her son about an incident.

"It came on so quickly," Corrina said. "No one realized the warnings were as intense at the time."

Video from their indoor patio area shows her son Connor and a bartender trying to close the area when a strong gust of wind tore through the room blowing both of them back.

"I grabbed the post as tight as I could and held on and I kind of like lifted up a little bit," Connor said. "Then I just let go and one second, I was at the door."

A nearby camper was destroyed by a fallen tree while it's owner was still inside.

"He was celebrating his 50th anniversary of being here," said Corrina. "He just comes down for fishing a couple times in the summer."

Miraculously, everyone involved got away safe and sound.

"Thank God nothing happened, I mean that could have been disastrous," Corrina said.

Pieces are being picked up, and they are ready for business as usual.

"Today everybody got in early and started cleaning early and started cleaning it up and by tonight we'll be good to go," said Corrina.

Red Pines still is still going strong and looking on the bright side after narrowly avoiding disaster.

"The view has opened up a lot more," Corrina said. "We do have to look for good things out of these things."

Corrina said the damage ended up being less than they anticipated and will Red Pines will be open Thursday night. The only thing lost, they said, outdoor volleyball will be postponed until they get a new net which was damaged by a fallen tree. They hope to have that back on Monday.

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