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TSA installs new security systems at La Crosse Regional Airport

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Travelers flying out of the La Crosse Regional Airport can expect a quicker security check thanks to new equipment installed by the TSA.

The new security system uses the latest technology to identify flight risks in a more non-invasive way.

"With advanced technology, we're finding that it's alleviating a lot of what we call the universal pat-downs that we have done historically," said Mark Lendvay, TSA Federal Security Director in Wisconsin.

The Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT 2) safely screens passengers for both metallic and non-metallic threats under layers of clothing without any need for physical contact.

"When an AIT detects a potential threat, the system displays a generic outline of the passenger and the location of the alarm directly onto a monitor attached to the AIT unit," Lendvay said.

The TSA has installed four checkpoints in airports across Wisconsin in a span of two weeks. Now, every commercial airport in Wisconsin is equipped with the latest security technology.

"I would say we're in line with the rest of the United States," Lendvay said.

Airport Director Clint Torp said the new security system enhances passenger experiences.

"We really believe that this technology will help provide a more efficient process through the La Crosse Regional Airport and really compliments the service enhancements that we've been providing here throughout the years at the La Crosse Regional Airport," Torp said.

The new security was installed in La Crosse on May 9 and scanned the first passengers on May 10.

"When we did go through the airport design process, we did factor in that this technology would arrive at some point. So, it was an easy installation," Torp said.

Lendvay said the AIT 2 is the latest in airport security, adapting to the changing and evolving flight dangers of the future. He added that the feedback from passengers has been positive. They tell Lendvay they appreciate the consistency in security measures from airport to airport.

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