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Lower speed limit proposed on Losey Boulevard

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Losey Boulevard is considered a connecting road bringing traffic between Highways 16 and 14. It carries high amounts of semi traffic and speeding drivers, creating problems for homeowners in the area.

Jeff Koby has lived on Losey Boulevard for nearly three decades.

"And it never used to be like this," Koby said. "I've lived here since 1989, and it just keeps getting worse and worse."

He said too many drivers go too fast on the stretch of road near his house.

"Anytime large semis go past--even trucks, even good sized trucks--my whole house shakes," he said.

Koby is not alone. Many of his neighbors experience the same shaking, causing cracks in the foundation of their homes and glassware to fall off shelves and break.

"It's not a freeway," said Gary Padesky, District 7 Councilman in La Crosse. "This is a neighborhood. People live here."

The current speed limit down Losey Boulevard is 30 mph. A new proposal hopes to lower that to 25 mph.

"I think it'll help slow it down," Padesky said. "I think it will help alleviate some of the problems, and it doesn't cost the taxpayers anything."

Koby does not think a lower speed limit is the answer.

"I think the general speed out here is 40 anyway," Koby said. "So, if you lower it to 25, they're still only going to be going 35 through here. So, I don't think it's going to do any good."

He said some of his neighbors have decided not to hang things on their walls. One of his neighbors has even decided to move to get away from the loud noises and earthquake-like shaking.

"Just slow down a little bit," Koby said. "Be considerate of people."

Padesky reminds drivers that the area is a residential neighborhood.

"It's a beautiful neighborhood, and we want to keep it that way," he said.

City council members will review the proposal and vote on the speed limit change in June. 

Padesky hopes that road repairs will start on sections of Losey Boulevard next year. He believes better road conditions and a lower speed limit will bring the best long-term solution.

Koby would rather see roundabouts installed at some intersections, but he understands financing is an issue.


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