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Wisconsin U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin reacts to president's budget

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Washington, DC (WXOW) -

President Trump has delivered his budget to Congress.  The Administration refers to the proposal as "taxpayers first."  

It includes more money for the military and according to CNN, provides tax cuts for wealthy people and businesses.  Expert analysis says programs such as medicaid, food stamps, retirement plans for federal workers and student loans will lose almost a trillion dollars in funding over ten years.

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The president's budget director says, "I think for years and years we've simply looked at a budget in terms of the folks who are on the back end of the programs, the recipients of the taxpayer money and we haven't spent nearly enough time focusing our attention on the people who pay the taxes."

We spoke with Wisconsin U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin about the president's budget.  Baldwin says, she's already hearing concerns from constituents, including how the budget will affect higher education.

Baldwin also told us, "whether it's cuts to higher ed or cuts to Community Development Block Grants. . . or whether it's cuts to research in National Institutes of Health, all of these are going to have huge impacts across Wisconsin and across America." 

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