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Logan students demonstrate completed "Exo Arm" project

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Engineering students at Logan High School unveiled a completed exoskeleton arm Thursday morning, part of a year long project for their Digital Electronics course.

Each year, the Digital Electronics Class at Logan attempts a high level project. This year's project was an exoskeleton arm designed to aid in a manufacturing related job. The arm helps relieve tension on an operator using a grinder (or other tools) by supporting its weight.

The project was a year long process, having its successes and setbacks.

"We've had some bumps in the road along the way, things working, not working the way we expected it to," said Junior Ben Ledocq. "But it's all working now."

The aim of this year's project was to create as authentic of an engineering education experience as possible, right down to finding funding, staying within a budget and meeting specific deadlines.

"I think the concept is unique to be attempted at the high school level," said instructor Steve Johnston. "It's something that really challenges kids to a higher level of thinking skills."

It's those challenges these students are taking to heart.

"You get to look at problems that occur in the real world, things that people just sort of deal with, and then you get to look and think how can I work to actually improve this?" said Ledocq.

In turn, they can take those skills with them beyond high school.

"I really think it's about the journey that the kids take to get to that end goal," Johnston said. "I think that's where true learning takes place."

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