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Hometown Tourist: Dahl Auto Museum

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Dahl Auto Museum is giving people the perfect opportunity to cruise through some of La Crosse's history this summer.

Five generations, and over a century later, the Dahl family earned the title of the ninth-oldest family-owned Ford dealership in America. During all that time, vehicles always hit close to home for the family. When their 100th anniversary rolled around in 2011, they knew the vehicles needed an actual home.

"The automobile is something that is part of every person's daily life," Andrew Dahl, Dahl Automotive President said. "A lot of people have stories about vehicles, so we created the museum for people to enjoy."

The museum pays tribute to the pieces of Americana that the family collected over the generations.

"It all started in Westby, Wisconsin," Harry Dahl, Dahl Automotive Board Chairman said. "My great-grandfather owned a general-store, and was in the state legislature. While he was in Madison, his two sons took on the Ford franchise. They were selling Fords out of the general-store. From there they moved to La Crosse."

There are around 40 vehicles in the museum at any given time, including the first one ever sold in La Crosse. To create fresh experiences for visitors however, they continually rotate out some, add new features and give tours. 

"This is a great museum right here in La Crosse, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful place," Sam Siebenaler, Dahl Auto Museum's Curator said. "It doesn't feel like work, talking to great people."

The museum appeals to people of all ages and interest levels, from car enthusiasts to those who's engines aren't necessarily revved-up by vehicles. 

"Even if you don't have a passion for driving automobiles, or tinkering with automobiles, there is something to say about the period of time when these automobiles were built. I think everyone will find something of interest to them when they come to the museum," Andrew Dahl added.

A drive to get people pumped about La Crosse's history, one car at a time. 

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