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What to remember before purchasing fireworks

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and many people are buying fireworks to celebrate.

The La Crosse Police Department reminds people that not all fireworks are legal. City and state laws prohibit possession of fireworks that are combustible, explosive, or designed to shoot into the air. Sparklers and snakes are legal. Sergeant Tom Walsh said the laws are made to keep people safe.

"Almost every year, you're going to hear stories of somebody who blows off part of their hand or maybe injures themselves, maims themselves in a way that they didn't want to," Walsh said. "So, obviously, there are safety concerns. The risk is sometimes not worth what you're going to get for that one second blow up of the fireworks."

Walsh said there are safer alternatives to buying fireworks.

"At the end of the day, it's about enjoyment. We want people to go out and have a good time," Walsh said. "There's going to be plenty of fireworks displays going on whether it's in the city or an outlying community, so go out and enjoy the fireworks, be safe, and have a good time with your families over the holidays."

Walsh said possessing fireworks can lead to big fines. It is also important to make sure you purchase fireworks from a permitted seller.

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