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UPDATE: The 2017 Riverfest Medallion found

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

The search for the Riverfest Medallion is over.

Riverfest La Crosse's Facebook page said Tuesday morning the medallion was found on top of the Apple Blossom Drive Scenic Byway.

The person or persons who found the medallion haven't come forward yet.

We'll update you when we get more information..

We're on to clue #8 for the 2017 Riverfest Medallion Hunt:

Head past La Crescent to get to a relative of Grandad.

Sunday's clue as the hunt for the 2017 Riverfest Medallion continues:

We are late today with the clue, and you will be too, if you have to rush through the hour from this sister city.

Some additional information from Riverfest on the search:

NEW: Located within 10 miles of Riverside Park 
Not buried in the ground or under rocks, etc.
On public property
Accessible 24 hours a day, BUT posted hours should be observed and area residents respected.
Fits in the palm of a hand

Good Luck!

Here's Clue #6 in the hunt for the 2017 Riverfest Medallion:

Look left to Perrot State Park, Look right to Goose Island.

Here is the fifth clue for the 2017 Riverfest medallion hunt:

You can drive and bike to take this tour, you might see a blossom or two BY taking this WAY.

Here is the fourth clue for the 2017 Riverfest medallion hunt:

Over the other bridge, you may have gone too far, your STATE of mind and LOCATION might be in question.

Here is the third clue for the 2017 Riverfest medallion hunt:

Pull over, the Kwik Trip Fireworks can be seen for miles around. Don’t trample about, read the signs, enjoy the view, this place is a sure delight.

Here's the second clue for the 2017 Riverfest medallion hunt:

Rev the engine or warm up the legs, Grandads can be seen. Head over a bridge, head past North 3rd - there's access to all in this spot.

Riverfest coming up next week also means that the annual medallion hunt is underway.

WXOW News 19 will be providing clues each morning until the medallion is found. Here is the first clue:

Summertime is here and so is Riverfest 2017. Our first medallion clue might take some drive to find. You must find the medallion disc, “great views” is today’s only hint.

The medallion is located on public property and will be accessible 24 hours a day. If you find the medallion, you are asked to call the number on the back of it.

The person who finds the medallion will receive a Riverfest prize package if you have a button when you find it.

Good luck!

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