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WEDC grant propels 108-year-old factory redevelopment

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, otherwise known as WEDC, will provide a $500,000 grant to renovate an out of use factory in downtown La Crosse.

The 108-year-old La Crosse Plow building, vacant for the last 23 years, now has a chance to contribute again to the downtown area. The re-development plans include commercial, office, and retail space on the first floor as well as 60 loft-style apartments on the second and third floor.

WEDC will provide funds to help overcome financial challenges that have blocked renovations in the past. Regional Economic Development Director Jenny Kuderer spoke on where exactly the $500,000 in grant money will go.

"There is some environmental remediation work that needs to happen within the building, some redevelopment, a significant amount of site work that needs to happen." Kuderer continues, "With any kind of redevelopment project those are always the costs that are the most challenging to find a sourcing for and that is where our dollars will be focused to help bring the overall project to fruition."

WEDC hopes their money resolves some of the economic problems that have caused issues in the past.

Kuderer also elaborated on the explanation for why this building is the recipient of the grant money. "We see this as a significant catalyst project for the city of La Crosse, especially for downtown La Crosse." Kuderer describes, "Given the significant investment that has happened in this area, the north end of downtown La Crosse in the last couple of years, this is really another catalyst project that will increase tax base, lead to job creation."

The $33 million project is expected to create more than 270 jobs for the office and retail spaces once the renovations are complete. 

Construction on the building will begin later this year. 

For more information on WEDC and the grant that made this redevelopment possible, click here.

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