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Hometown Tourist: Bear Bogging Adventure Tours

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Summer is a time for making memories, and Bear Bogging Adventure Tours is taking people for the ride of their lives.

Bear Bogging is a simple premise, that's enormous fun. Side-by-side UTV rides through the Black River State Forest.

"The thought came from my father actually," Kayla Clemons, Three Bears Resort sales and marketing manager said. "He moved out here a couple of years ago, discovered the trails and the opportunities to do things outside, and also discovered not a lot of people knew about it."

It all started after Kayla's father, registered nurse James Waller, underwent several knee surgeries. Even though he loved his day job, he realized he needed to think about his future.

"I don't know if I'm going to be able to nurse when I'm 60 years old, and I needed something else to do, so I thought this would be great," Waller, owner of Bear Bogging Adventure Tours said. 

Waller brought his idea to Three bears Resort in Warrens, Wisconsin, and they ran with it. Together, they're giving people an entirely new experience.

"The great thing about being in Warrens, all the black top you can ride UTV's, ATV's on it. From all of our villa's and the property itself, you can access the trails," Clemons said.

The Black River State Forest is nationally recognized for it's trails, and Bear Bogging gives people of all ages the chance to experience them, in a unique way. 

"You feel like you're an an entirely different country, or a different place other than Wisconsin. You go on them, and you are just covered with pine trees that overlook the trails. There's really thick sand. It's a cool feeling, and a different place than you can experience anywhere else."

Bear Bogging caters to individuals, families, and adventure seekers alike. Even though many choose to drive through the mud, others can take the drier approach. Either way, this activity is good, clean fun. 

"The funnest part is, just being with friends, getting wet, getting muddy, and just having fun. Good old fashion fun," added Waller.

Fun that will make you heart race, all summer long.

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