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River Vault continues to raise the bar

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

They say there's no feeling quite like soaring through the air above a bar. There's also no place quite like Riverside Park to achieve that adrenaline rush.

Pole vaulters from across the country are gathered in La Crosse this weekend for the eighth annual River Vault competition. Athletes ranging from middle school to college to parents took part, competing for hardware and self-fulfillment.

Three divisions competed Saturday, with three more scheduled for Sunday.

River Vault has become one of the more popular street vault competitions in the Midwest thanks to Riverfest activities actively going on in the background and the Mississippi River rolling by in in the background. The past two years, the event has been held on a barge.

No matter where they come from, athletes continue to praise the event for the energy it produces each year.

"It's just a good atmosphere. Pole vault atmosphere is really good because everyone's really friendly, it's a really friendly competition all throughout, wherever you are," said Kellen Kravic, a Bangor native who now competes for Illinois State University.

"There's so many people here. It really shows that this event is crazy and amazing to be at," Holmen's Claire Eade said. "There's so much competition."

Sunday's competition begins at 11 a.m.

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