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Scherzer, Sale talk about La Crosse at All-Star news conference

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All-Star starting pitchers Max Scherzer and Chris Sale spoke highly of each other at Monday's news conference in Miami.

Both say they're fans of each other's efforts on the mound.

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They also talked about their La Crosse connection.

Here's a transcript of what they said.

Q. Yes, Max and Chris, if you could answer this: You guys have watched each other a lot over the years, I'm sure. What do you guys admire about each other?
MAX SCHERZER: I love the way Chris goes out and competes. Going against him when he was with the White Sox, he always brought the best out of me every time I faced him. He's a guy that goes deep into a game. He'll do anything to win. He makes big-time pitches all the way -- even if he takes 120 pitches. By far he's been one of my favorite players, pitchers to watch. It's even better to compete against him.

CHRIS SALE: I could almost say the same thing. I don't know if I've seen a guy compete as hard as he competes day in and day out. Playing in the same division you see obviously more of the guys in your division. You grow little more appreciation for those guys because they are around more. The fire, the intensity, the role model he can be for kids coming up to kind of take the bull by the horns and just compete. It's fun.

And another thing that I like to add is he and I both played in the same summer league team, up in La Crosse. So that's pretty interesting too. We've had some ties for a while and played against each other for a while, too.

MAX SCHERZER: Representing La Crosse Loggers pretty well.

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