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Ski Jumping a year round sport for a Central senior

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You wouldn't think a 90 degree, hot and humid summer day would be perfect for ski jumping.

But it is for La Crosse Central senior Augie Schini.

"It's not really too scary for me anymore.  It's just kind of like excitement.. it's like a little kid walking into a toy store.. I get super excited just looking down and being able to go deep and just kill the next jump,"  Schini said.

Schini has only been ski jumping for two years 

But it's as if the sport was meant for him

"Typically kids start at five or six years old and they are probably at the same level that Augie is now.  I've only seen one other kid from Canada start at about fifteen years old that eventually progressed to the national team.  So it's pretty impressive what Augie has done in two short years," said Schini's coach Shawn Areneson.

Augie grew up skiing with his Dad but it was three years a go when his father brought him to the Sowflake Ski Jump and he was hooked.. 

"Learning how much fun that they had and right when we got to the bottom of the hill just watching them throw up there hands in the air and just seeing that they had a good jump and just going super far and I don't know its kind of like unique,"  Schini said during a training session at the Blackhawk Ski Club near Middleton. 

The season is where all the magic happens for Augie, but what many people don't realize is how important the summer preparation is for his game."

"Like any other sport once you go away from it for a little while it's pretty hard to just pick it back up again.   Skiing is more muscle memory, so that's the good thing about it.  So jumping here in the summer will just help me prep for the winter and just keep me consistent and still help me get better." 

"Believe it or not summer skiing is easier than winter because you don't have the hill preparation.  So it's really good for the kids and the parents because they can concentrate on just the sport," said Arenson

Augie leaves for a competition in Park City, Utah on July 23 where he can put his summer preperation to work.

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