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High demand for HVAC maintenance

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Consistent high temperatures and high humidity may have you running for the dial on your AC, but if it's your first time turning it on this season you may find it's in need of maintenance. Like a good many things, central air units need regular maintenance to continue running effectively. The problem is, many wait until the hottest part of summer before relying on their units and realizing whether they need to be fixed.

"We get that first hot spell in the summer, a lot of things will break down because people haven't turned them on yet, " said Bagniefski Heating and Air Service Technician Joe Murray. "They haven't thought about it and they haven't needed it."

Service techs like Joe Murray have a very high demand for the number of calls per day, and schedules fill up quickly. That means if you find your AC unit needs a tune up, it could be a while before they are able to get to it.

"It may be a couple days before we can get there because of the workload," Murray said. "It's always a good idea once we get into late spring when it's not really hot out to turn your air conditioner on and make sure it's running properly."

Murray says to ease stress on your air system, replace in-home filters monthly to be sure air flow is not restricted and also consider running AC during the day just enough to keep the house's core temperature down. That way the system runs for shorter periods of time, interspersed, putting less stress on it overall.

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